PXN NFT | Latest NFT News And  NFT Project  – EXPLAINED

PXN NFT | Latest NFT News And NFT Project – EXPLAINED

In today’s PXN NFT video, we are going to talk about Latest NFT News And the PXN network NFT Project that’s been trending on OpenSea since its launch on May 4th. Keep watching our full NFT explained video…

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Project PXN NFT revealed its much-anticipated Ghost Division NFT collection last week. However, it received scrutiny on Twitter as some of the artifacts look similar to popular anime characters.

The PXN Ghost Division shows but some of the project’s artwork is familiar…The NFT community called out Project PXN on Twitter for some of their anime-inspired NFTs.

Phantom Network NFT Project or Project PXN NFT is one of the most promising projects with over 400k followers on its official Twitter account. Its latest collection got so much publicity before it was revealed.

However, now that the artworks are out, there are concerns about whether the project will face copyright issues due to some anime-inspired NFTs.

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