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Here are our Top 20 August Club Picks to (D.C.A.)

Dollar Cost Average to buy because of what the market is about to do and some of you will catch the wave some of us won’t. Always remember the market waits on no one so we do our best to seek and find great crypto to take a position in for a 1 – 3 year holds as a crypto enthusiast. Families Pay it Forward Now and Embrace your Future for doing it later. Be Early to the party take a position and enjoy this Journey Together! Some of you followed my play on Hex and made a lot of money and some of you are Super Sick because you didn’t catch the wave so now you have a chance to level up even more just by getting these plays.

Guesstimated return in a year to three years if all coins were bought I say $20,000 $-250,000 in one year if you go based on supported public data found on Coin Gecko.

Example: Dollar Cost Average (D.C.A.) for a Budget of $1,500 = $150 per Crypto up to 10 different kinds.

Binanace US is Free: (Full Disclosure this is a affiliate Link and all proceeds from referral links go right back into the club for operations and support cost).

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All of our Cryptocurrency Top 20 Club Picks & NFT Top 10 Club Picks of the Month are strictly our personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our Picks ARE NOT financial advice. Thank You again for letting us share our journey & experience with you all.