NFT NEWS: Tom Brady, Bubble Pop, Sotheby’s, Snoop Dogg

NFT NEWS: Tom Brady, Bubble Pop, Sotheby’s, Snoop Dogg

NFT NEWS: Tom Brady announced the launch of his NFT company called “Autograph”. MetaKovan, who purchased the $69 million Beeple NFT stated that the NFT market is risky and overvalued. Sotheby’s will be auctioning off NFT art from digital artist Pak. VC fund comprised of celebrities such as Snoop Dogg are looking to invest into NFT projects. The Manning brothers are launching a sports NFT, with a portion of proceeds going to charity.
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Time Stamps:
Intro – 0: 00
Tom Brady NFT Company – 0: 28
NFT Bubble? – 1: 58
Celebrity VC NFT Fund – 3: 50
Sotheby’s PAK NFT Auction – 4: 33
Peyton And Eli Manning NFT Artwork -5: 28

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