NFT FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Adam Ape | & More Crypto + NFT News

NFT FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Adam Ape | & More Crypto + NFT News

The Founder of the VERY HYPED Iron Paw Gang project, Adam Ape joins the show!

In this episode we break down some of the Random Character Collective.
As well as the past, present, and future for Adam Ape, the creator of Iron Paw Gang, as well as many other NFT collections across ETH and SOL.

Ranging from Voxel Monkeys, the Supply Chain x Voxel Collab and 4×4.

Tune in as @DaBunnyOfficial and @EasyEatsBodega ask all the HARD HITTING QUESTIONS around the NFT and Crypto space.
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This video is NOT financial advice.
All portions of this video are intended for entertainment purposes ONLY.
NFTs and crypto are EXTREMELY volatile and risky opportunities, do not use any money that you can not afford to lose to participate in the NFT, digital collectible, cryptocurrency, and DeFi ecosystems.

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