Monkey Drainer Stole $800K NFT / NFT News Today / Crypto News Today

Monkey Drainer Stole $800K NFT / NFT News Today / Crypto News Today

Hello, welcome today We have news about Cryptocurrency. Monkey Drainer Stole $800K NFT / NFT News Today / Crypto News Today I prepared it, have a good time 🙂

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Phishing scammer known as Monkey Drainer stole CryptoPunks and Otherside NFT products worth around $800,000.

Fraud and hacking events in the crypto money market cannot be prevented. Especially in phishing, where the social media platform Twitter is used extensively, the assets of investors are in danger. With the method known as the phishing method, fraudsters empty people’s wallets. In order to prevent anonymous fraudsters, social media platforms and cryptocurrency projects have declared mobilization. According to Chainalysis analysis, $786 million was stolen from the crypto market in October.

Monkey Drainer Targets NFT Collections.

Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, expressed that he wants to prevent such bot accounts. Identity thieves, who infiltrated investors’ wallets through anonymous bot accounts, stole millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies.

The scammers, who usually focus on DeFi and NFT projects, clean up the traces of the money they stole with the help of Tornado Cash. The phisher nicknamed the Monkey Drainer has resurfaced. Drainer, who stole $1 million in crypto and NFT on October 25, has now made a profit of $800,000.

The wallet, labeled as Monkey Drainer in network logs, has caught the radar of blockchain security firm PeckShield. The scammer stole 7 CryptoPunks and 20 Otherside NFTs.

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