Disney and WWE NFT News! [ October 28, 2021 ]

Disney and WWE NFT News! [ October 28, 2021 ]

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0: 00 – Disney to Drop NFTs in Two Weeks — What We Know

Collectors will be able to snap up digital golden statues that are “inspired by beloved stories and moments” from all of the brands on Disney+, including Star Wars and Pixar.

Disney — one of the biggest entertainment brands in the world — has announced that it’s getting into non-fungible tokens in a big way.The company has teamed up with digital collectibles brand VeVe to bring NFTs to the masses.


1: 29 – SMACKDOWN! WWE to Launch NFT Marketplace

In a nod to rival platforms like NBA Top Shot, WWE plans to mine its back catalog to tokenize iconic moments and superstars from the past and present.

World Wrestling Entertainment has announced that it plans to launch an NFT marketplace featuring digital tokens and collectibles. The multi-year deal is the first deal that Blockchain Creative Labs, a company part-formed by FOX Entertainment, has formed with an external brand. In a nod to rival platforms like NBA Top Shot, WWE plans to mine its back catalog to tokenize iconic moments and superstars from the past and present. Consumers will then be able to buy, trade, sell and store their digital tokens.


2: 28 – El Salvador Buys Dip Again and Now Owns 1,120 BTC

Overall, the value of El Salvador’s investment now stands at $66 million — and it’s already made some money.

El Salvador has invested another420 BTC— taking the total it holds in reserve to1,120 BTC. President Nayib Bukele announced that the country had “bought the dip” after Bitcoin retraced from all-time highs and fell below $60,000.


3: 34 – Floki Inu Advertised on London Buses and Trains

The objective behind these ads is clear: to capitalize on the regret that some people might feel for failing to jump on the DOGE train much earlier.

An advertising blitz for Floki Inu has begun in London — a move that’s apparently designed to “legitimize” the joke coin. In London Underground stations, and on trains and buses, billboards and posters have appeared that say:“Missed DOGE? Get Floki.”


4: 25 – Cream Finance Suffers ANOTHER Flash Loan Attack

Transactions on Etherscan.io suggest that malicious actors moved $92 million into one address, and $23 million into another.

Cream Finance has fallen victim to yet another flash loan attack. Transactions on Etherscan.io suggest that malicious actors moved$92 millioninto one address, and$23 millioninto another. From here, the funds are now being distributed to an array of other wallets. Cream liquidity pool tokens were affected, alongside a plethora of other ERC-20 tokens.


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