Breaking Crypto News | Is ADA (Cardano) Poised to Reach $1?

Breaking Crypto News | Is ADA (Cardano) Poised to Reach $1?

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Cardano and Empowa conquering billion-$-market with this massive upgrade – Is ADA poised to reach $1?
Cardano housing startup, Empowa has launched an explorer service to dig deep into NFT information.

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The Empowa and the broad utility of Cardano can drive ADA token growth in the long term.
Empowa, a Cardano-based Web3.0 project looking to change the multi-billion dollar housing project in Africa has launched new capabilities for its explorer protocol to display information about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). According to the update shared via the project’s Twitter handle, users can now access NFT data, impact, and loan performance information about the Empowa World Mobile Seed NFTs.
The protocol said despite the launch, that the new allowance will continue to see additional developments that will add more utility to the explorer for the benefit of all users.
Empowa was launched as a unique project on Cardano to bring sustainable housing facilities to families in Africa. The continent is still developing on different fronts including in real estate and one of Empowa’s solutions is to build a platform designed to incentivize community engagement at a global scale using collectibles that represent empowerment through shared wealth creation and impact.
The protocol launched the Founding Community NFT collection, opening up unique access for its users. The Founding Community NFTs gives users access to empowerment and impact stories that span more than just specific houses, plus exclusive access to significant Empowa events and bonuses that will be made available from time to time.
The Explorer service will make it easier for NFT holders to track their achievements in real-time. For users to utilize this Explorer, they will need to connect a wallet containing either the Founding Community or Empowa World Mobile Seed NFT. The new allowance has been lauded by community members, some of whom have been following the Empowa project since 2021.
While the Empowa protocol wants every stakeholder to have the right access to information through Explorer, it has promised to double down on its mission for the rest of the year.
Boosting Cardano’s Broad Utility
While still a relatively unpopular project on the Cardano protocol, Empowa is pushing the boundaries of social development with its offerings, targeted at regions that most needed it. This is broadly helping to build out the relevance of Cardano in Africa, contributing to the mission of the Layer-1 blockchain network in advancing the general public good.
Blockchain innovations are particularly important in several regards as it concerns integration with real-world use cases. Although finance remains the biggest avenue for the application of blockchain innovations to date, emerging tech is gradually expanding into other key industries.
These industries include global supply chain management, data monitoring, climate change, sustainability, and now, tokenized real estate ventures. For Cardano, the protocol has maintained a dominant stance as one of the most valuable Layer-1 blockchain networks to date. From the explosion of decentralized applications, and NFTs to the mass scalability it is courting through the upcoming Hydra Head sidechain, the network’s capabilities are growing by the day.
The Empowa offering which has introduced a 25,000 housing project in Mozambique will remain a defining feature that will catapult Cardano to the top of protocols pursuing social good. These events may serve as a positive tilt that can help drive the growth of ADA to $1 in the long term.
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