Bitcoin will fly away by 18.800 ⁉️ ARE LONGS doomed ??? | Bitcoin news today

Bitcoin will fly away by 18.800 ⁉️ ARE LONGS doomed ??? | Bitcoin news today

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🔴 Are we waiting for a BTC rollback in a few days? When to dial longs and what happens to the dollar index?
Guys, at the end I will give important comments when I’m going to open long positions on bitcoin, so go in to watch a new review of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, hugged 🤟🏽

BTC continues a smooth decline for a day. But there are still more longists on the market than shortists. This week promises to be calm in terms of economic reports. But this does not mean that during this time bitcoin will not roll even lower?

Let me remind you that last week the United States actively added positivity, then with reports from major companies, then with unemployment data. But I still don’t see a global positive for the BTC rocket. Therefore, the team and I have chosen a strategy for ourselves – to act according to the situation.

What is happening on the BTC chart now? I’ll tell you what is the priority for deals with the team? And also, I will show my position on bitcoin, as well as possible scenarios for BTC, so that you understand where you can open positions.

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✔️ The video will be as useful to you as possible, even if you do not understand the terms and cryptocurrencies at all. But you will be able to understand where and how the market is moving, analyze trends, act competently and multiply your funds.

✔️ There are no complicated charts and technical analysis here, I tell you in simple language how we analyze the chart so that absolutely anyone can earn on cryptocurrency.

✔️ This video and its contents are intended for informational purposes and do not constitute an investment recommendation.

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